Welcome to my blog


Hello, my name is Marko, 44 and living in Kellokoski, Finland.

This is my english blog, i have a finnish website too, where you can find my photos, check it out! Pixabilly Photography

Been interested about nature for long time, but few years ago bought gear for hiking and camping. Also i got interested about hammocks and bought myself two of them, today i have 4! Want to get my gear as practical as it could be. Simple and light.

Been writing more lately, joined to the Retkipaikka.fi bloggers, where i have written many articles about sightseens in Finland. I also make some gear reviews. It’s only finnish, sorry. But i am sure the translator will help you if you are interested.

Also i have interest for music like rockabilly and psychobilly. My lifestyle is more around this music. 50’s art, tiki and deco are my kinda style. Never the less, also interested modern things like computers, electronics and cellphones. So i am kind of a rockabilly geek.

I am also a new amateur radio operator, got my licence finally in october 2020. My call sign is OH3CBT.

I am interested QRP, which means portable equipment. So in the future, there will be posts which includes this topic too.

Japan is also close to my heart, been there for 3 times already. You can find photos from my website, under the My Vacation folder.

Thank you for visiting and reading, hope you like my writings and photos. Leave a comment too if you like! 🙂

Have a great time in the nature!


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