Savotta Minijaeger backpack

Savotta, finnish outdoor manufactorer has been active lately and released many new backpacks. Their backpacks has received a great reviews even outside of Finland. One of my favorites, which i bought last summer, is the Jääkärireppu (Jäeger backpack), 30 liter with 6 liter overfill possibility. Finnish word Jääkäri, or Jaeger, Jäger means usually a Ranger…

One day at Joutsijärvi, Kullaa, Finland

During this winter and spring, i was planning many many hikes. On february, i got my backpack ready and drove to Pukala (near Orivesi), where i have been few times already. Unfortunatly, road was a but too icy and bad condition. I lost part of my exhaust pipes from my car. So i drove back….