Savotta Minijaeger backpack

Savotta, finnish outdoor manufactorer has been active lately and released many new backpacks. Their backpacks has received a great reviews even outside of Finland.

One of my favorites, which i bought last summer, is the Jääkärireppu (Jäeger backpack), 30 liter with 6 liter overfill possibility.

Finnish word Jääkäri, or Jaeger, Jäger means usually a Ranger or footsoldier. Word Reppu means small backpack, usually under 30 liter. Word Rinkka is usually used for bigger backpacks.

Late 2016 Savotta released lighter version from Jaeger backpack, the MiniJaeger. The happen to offer few of these new backpacks for testing and i choose the Minijaeger.

At first, i compare them together. Small color difference, thinner straps, no lombart or back support, and no hipbelt. Also a bit thinner and less hight. Weight almost half from the big brother, 775 grams.

Backpack is made of 1000D Condura fabric, which give a great durability. These are also designed specially for military use.

Place for velcrobadges locates in the lid.


Narrow 40 mm straps are filled with the MOLLE webbing as well the backpack itself too. This allows to add many accessories like extra pockets etc. Savotta promises over 100 kg weight limit to each Molle loop.

Big strap loop on the top gives a good place fot carry or hanging it.


Thick and sturdy Nexus buckles feels reliable. They snap really well together which gives a quality feeling. Because they are new and using with strong straps, they are not slide well. After i have used them for few weeks, they start to work much better.

Straps are used for side compression, adjusting the straps and closing the lid.


Inside has sort of rubber coating in the simple compartment. There is two pockets, one for the laptop (13″) or waterbladder.

Small pocket with zipper is ment for the wallet etc and size is 15cm x 25 cm.


The lid closes well because it has a long plastic plate on it. This extra fabric works also as overfill which gives few extra liters to this backpack.

With regular fill, it bends nicely under the lid.

Long straps help overfilling but the sides might leave a bit open. Olso if filled to the max, lid won’t be so easy to close tidely.


Top of the both sides are holes for the waterbladder hose. Compression straps can be tied away with rubberband.

Adjusting the 40mm shoulder straps is easy. Pull the strap upwards and it slides tighter.


When i tested first time, i surprosed how well it fits to my back. Straps are surprisingly comfortable too with medium loads, such as 5-6 kilos. More weight starts to rub and might turn a bit painful, so i don’t recommend this for heavy loads.

With modular design, it can be modified and expand with pockets etc. Also Savotta sells some accessories, like chest strap, shoulder strap cushion, back plate for getting it sturdier etc.

With Condura fabric, it withstands heavier use like i have been using it at my work. It’s been under the tools or heavy equipments few times and shows no sign for puncture or rapture.

Straps and buckles needs time to wear out a bit, so they will slide better after some time.

Savotta Minijaeger is a great backpack for daytrips or in the daily life backpack.

It is available in green and black colors.

Technical specifications

External dimensions: height 45 cm (55 cm when overpacked), width 25 cm, depth 16 cm.
Capacity: adjustable between 20–25L
Weight: 775 g.
Materials: 1000D PUR coated Polyamide fabric (Cordura/Codura), Delrin special plastic buckles and 8 mm coil zippers.


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