Hello readers! Sorry i haven’t been writing for some time now. It’s been busy time and i haven’t got inspiration for writing.

My school finally ended and got a job too. Started next day at the Eltel Networks. I have lot’s to learn and some bad luck… my back is not good. Hopefully recovering soon, so i can do my job well.

We gatherd to the Laipanmaa once again. Not far away from my hometown and we can drive almost next to the camping place/lean-to. It was early spring, temperatures were near zero celcius.

We had great time again, made good food and had good laughs. Great to see friends this way, more relaxing than in the bar etc. For my opinion at least.

My girlfriend and i got some own time and we drove to the Seitseminen Nationalpark. Near the Kirkas-Soljanen is a nature trail, around 2 km long. Lakes still were frozen here and nature was quiet. Great views and it was nice to walk with my girlfriend.

We decided to spend a night in Kirkas-Soljanen, even there was some people. Older people who had lot’s of experiences from hiking etc. A bit annoying, since they noticed that my girlfriend doesn’t have much of hiking experience, so they were giving her advices and how things should be done. She felt a bit stressed about it.

This time i had Lesovik Duch hammock with me, with Otul synthetic underquilt. Hammock itself felt good, it was my first time for using woopie slings. Since i am a heavy guy with 130kg weight, i was a bit worried but all went well. Underquilt gave me a bit hard times, because it’s suspension got loose easily many times. Since it is wide (135cm) i could wrap myself by using small carabiner. Also it didn’t keep me warm, so luckily i had my Hammock Gear 40f with me which i put between the hammock and Otul. Then i was warm enough.

My girlfriend slept in my Amok Draumr. I had the Cumulus Selva 600 with me which she used as extra blanket. She slept well, a bit cold once, but manage to get all good position and got warm. It was her first night in the woods.
Night was colder than weather forecast told, it went down to -5C during the night.
After some breakfast, we went for a walk before we drove back home.


There was a trip to Pukala, but since it had so many photos, i decided to do a seperate story. You can read it here : Beautiful Pukala

We had a hammock meeting at the Liesjärvi Nationalpark. Peukalolammi is a perfect place for it, as you can see from the photos. There was total of 20 hangers. Also some came to see the hammocks, just to get information etc.

Some new hammocks there, a Flying Tent, which my friend ordered from the Kickstarter. It actually took a year to get them, because they change the model completely after the order. So it can be used as tent and as hammock.

I used this time the Amok Segl hammock with Hammock Gear TQ and UQ 40F. Bugnet was Ticket to the moon.

Great time and weather was perfect!

Small notice to myself, avoid this place because it seems to affect to my relationships. Last year i was going there and my gf left me. This time a got back home and we broke up. Dang!

So we are not together anymore, but we are still good friends. Going hiking someday again, in the summer.

Bought some new gear, MSR Pocketrocket 2 stove, which is great! Noisy, but as the name says, a rocket. Heats up the water really fast.
Found some 1 liter (32oz) steel mugs and these were cheap. Took the welded handle away, going to use the trangia handle.

Got a Toaks 1100ml pot too, really lightweight. My friend started to sell these here in Finland, so i got one a bit cheaper.

I have quite a many cooking systems and pots, i like to have choices 😛

Last one is a great backpack, Üla Circuit! I had a Exped Lightning 60, but it didn’t fit my back well. I wanted a backpack with large sidepockets and ÜLA seems to be the answer.

It took some time to decide, i emailed to ÜLA and their customer service is great. I had a problem, since i am a bit guy and torso measurement showed me that i am exactly between M and L. So they recommended size L in my case, even prepared to make an custom order. Unfortunatly, ordering from outside EU, we have to pay heavy taxes here. So i ordered the Circuit size L with XL hipbelt from UK. And it is just perfect. Most likely i have to order smaller hipbelt in the future, since going to lose weight. Hipbelt is excellent, since its pockets are on my sides, a bit more front. Normally they are quite far back, as in my Osprey.

It was a bit funny and scary to go again to the Liesjärvi Nationalpark. As you read before, it has been affecting to my relationships haha! This time nothing happened thou.

Group of local hangers met in the Liesjärvi, we had great weather there. A bit crowded, some foreigners too. Sunset was awesome, there was hardly any mosquitos.

A dayhike with my german friend, Dani. I gave her a birthday card last year, which allowed her to go a dayhike with me and included the food. She enjoyed fully, took the TTTM single hammock with me so she can relax. She fell a sleep after the food. She was happy, wants to go hiking again.

Latest trip was just a week ago, we drove to the Evo with my friend Tuukka. Went for a swim, first time in this year. Water was warm enough.
We had a place on our mind, but unfortunately, it was taken. Actually it was really annoying, since there was a group, who drove their cars through the forest there! They were noisy whole night (i heard later) and fished, which is not allowed in this lake. So they broke the rules and law.

We found a quiet place finally and settled there. A bit of bad luck, got hit by a tree branch and broke my expensive glasses. Luckily my friend had some tape, so i could use the glasses and see.

But great day otherwise, it was hot (22C) even in 10pm. At the night, temperature went down to 6C quite fast. But sun was up soon, so got back to 16C fast too.

Well, here was some small trips, hoping to go hiking soon again 🙂


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