Beautiful Pukala


My friend Lev had some time for going out, so we choose the Pukala, where we have been couple of times before.

This place locates near the Orivesi, we had around one hour drive from Tampere.

Also one other friend will be there a bit later, so we bought lots of food and Lev was cooking for us.

I bought a GoPro Hero5 camera, so wanted to test it here. Small and good camera! 🙂

We arrived there quite early, around 1pm. Tuukka came an hour later. It was awesome weather, i knew it will be calm during the night. Looking forward to take some photos.

I think everybody found a perfect spot from this small and rocky island. DD Frontline, Hannessy Explorer and i had WBBB super fly, Amok Segl and Cumulus Selva 600 uq.

The food was excellent… and boy we were stuffed! Some cider, whisky and beer too.

There is not much to tell about rest of the evening… i think photos are enough 🙂

I got up around 5am, since the sunrise was beautiful. Took some photos and videos, then went back to sleep.

Good breakfast from beans, cheese and spices. Need to do that myself too.

This time it was more about photos. Not much to tell but photos tell a story completely.


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