Isojärvi National Park


Because winter haven’t really arrived yet, we decided to have a overnighter in early december at the Isojärvi (lit. Big Lake) National Park. This park locates about 100km (hour drive) north from my hometown Tampere.

This park covers 23 sq km (8.88 sq mi) but when it was established in 1982, it had 19 sq km (7,3sq mi). Its scenery is fluctuating by its level and the vegetation is dominated by Scots pine and Norway Spruce forests and Bogs. Imprints of early human settlement and cultivation have been found in the area. The national park is located by the lake Isojärvi after which it has got its name.

Park has 30km (18,65mi) of trails, 4 lean-to’s and 2 campfire places. Also can rent 2 cottages which are located in Luutsaari and Lortikka.

2 nature trails with information boards about surrounding nature and history ; Heretty trail 3,5km and Lortikka trail 3 km.

This area got some Canadian Beavers, which cause sometimes big floods in the park area.

Luutsaari traditional farm has some lambs and Huhtala area has an old finnish farm and household from 1700-century.

Starting point Heretty and going to Kuorejärvi. Red trail is the Heretty 3km nature trail.

Plan was to drive to Lortikka and walk top of the Lortikanvuoret (Lortikka Hills) and then continue to Vahterjärvi camping place. Unfortunatly the gate was closed to Lortikka, so the plan B was to start from Heretty and hiking 3,5km to the Kuorejärvi camp.


Heretty has a good parking place, information boards, cooking shelter, toilets and cafe. Cafe was closed already in early fall, open only for special occations during the winter.


First 700 meters to the Kannuslahti lean-to was wide trail and easy to walk. There was some other people cooking in the campfire, but we just took few photos and continue. Some pf those people were a bit drunk already. I guess because of short walk from the road, this place might be popular evening camping place. And for drinking too…which most likely causes lot’s of trash too…. 😦



After the Kannusjärvi bridge, trail was narrower but easy to walk. A bit steeper climbs, but some good places for scenery.


One point we came to a sign, 1 km to Kuorejärvi and then the trail was much more difficul to walk. Steep climbs and falls full of rocks and roots. Took awhile to reach our destination, not just because of the trail, but great views. Sun was peeking a bit, so it gave some warmer tones for this late fall dull colors.


So finally we were in the Kuorejärvi and looking around. This place got a lean-to, one other campfire place, toilet and woodshed with axe and a saw. We found a good places for our hammocks near the other campfire.


There wasn’t any chopped wood ready, so we had to make them first after we got our hammocks set up. I had my Ticket to the moon single with me with DD 4×4 tarp. Savotta Military sleeping bag and Thermarest Trail Lite pad. Usually i use the DD UnderBlanket, but haven’t modify this hammock for the UB.


We got quite a lot of food with us, my friend is a cook so he wanted to make some good lamb meat with carrots, onions, garlic, chili and spices. I was a bit concerned about the amount of food, which turned out to be right later.



It was quite calm weather, only +8°C which is quite warm this time of year. But still can see some blue sky, which makes me feel good 🙂


Soon it was getting darker and quite fast. Later i thought it was around 8pm, but it was only 5pm! It was really dark.


Friend was cooking, it will be ready after 2 hours.

4 hikers arrived and used the lean to. Came to say hi and found out thet they came from Jyväskylä (city 60km north from Isojärvi) which is the city i was born and lived there 27 years.


Food was really good and boy we were stuffed! Still so much food so we invited guys from the lean to to join us. They love the food, on even said that it’s rare to eat this kind of food during the hiking. They gave us some good whisky for return and had good time chatting.


It was late, so time to get ready for sleeping. Night went well, slept really well, woke up once, because it started to rain heavily at 2am. I love the sound which rain makes against the tarp. Relaxing and fell in sleep fast again.


Woke up around 9am and it’s always so difficult to get up from warm cozy sleeping bag. It wasn’t raining anymore, so we started to make some breakfast. I got my Esbit coffee maker with me first time, works well. And still got food left from yesterday.

We still got lot’s of wood left, so we didn’t have to make anymore. Left them to next hikers as it is used to do here. Cleanin up the place and packed up.


So head back to the parking place and were happy about great trip. Hopefully coming back here someday for 2-3 days. Still lot’s of trails left. Been here once before in Kalalahti (Fish Bay).

Moro photos in my site



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