Day trip at the Eräpyhä, Orivesi

We wanted to spend a day somewhere in the local forests and my friend suggested this Eräpyhä recreational forest near Orivesi.

It has two lean-to’s ans some interesting history. History, which goes far back to the bronze ages. It is also known for route used by travelers. Finnish word Erä means basicly person who goes to wilderness or wilderness skills.

Back in the bronze ages, they build a Nunnankirkko (Nun’s church) where they sacrified different things for the gods. This had some signs left, that there has been a round shaped room around this big pile of rocks, which they called Nun’s church. Down at the shore, there is some big rocks which possibly were used as a grave stones.

Late 1860’s people from local village opened the pile, because they believed it had a treasure inside, but nothing was found. Early 1900 century, the christian church took the area for their services.


There isn’t much of the trails available, only few kilometers. But it started with the really steep climb. We laughed, because  all of the 4 men here were over weight guys, around 120-130kg! We called ourselfs an elephant club.

Trail wasn’t so easy to walk; steep climbs and landings, big tree roots and quite rocky ground.

There was a nice views from the top of the hill to the Eräjärvi lake. Sun was starting to peek thought the clouds finally.

Nun’s church had a good view to the lake too. Pile of rocks couldn´t be missed and sign told us about it’s history. I could imagine how ancient people sacrified some animals or something else to the gods in here. How different is the world nowadays.
Down in the lake, i could see a small isle, where are a large cross. I coulnd’t find any information about it, but i believed it’s been there from early 1900 century, when church took this area under their administration.

I really liked this view! Big rocks were following the shore and so did the trail too. Cold wind gave me chills, since the climbing made me sweaty.

Soon we arrived to the lean-to and me and Jukka set out Ticket hammocks. Others didn’t take them and they regret it now. We made some firewoods from fallen trees, because there wasn’t any woodshed. I was a bit surprised about it. But got the fire on to the grill.

I had my Muurikka Leisku cast iron pan with me and some quality entrecote beef…oh boy! And it was goooood! Made some smashed potatoes too.

Enjoyed the view to the lake and soon we were back in the trail. Short walk to the other lean-to, where was lots of firewood. Well, we know next time.
Took some time to find a geocache nearby. We had to fix it a bit too, since the bottom was too loose and box was almost dropping out. We discuss about next week too, about going for a overnighter somewhere.
Here are the signs from the trail. Available in Finnish, English and German.
We spend few hours in the beautiful area and it was really worth it. In the future, we are going to the new places every month.

Thanks for reading!


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