Laipanmaa meeting

Last weekend we went for a dayhike to the Eräpyhä, Orivesi. There we discussed about next overnighter and we decided to go to the Laipanmaa.

This 150 sq km forest is one of the biggest independent forest area and it’s mostly in economic (commercial?) use, so there will be a forest logging.

Laipanmaa’s over 20 km trails are getting slowly more popular, and those trails offer lot’s to see.
With few fireplaces, lean-to’s and one rented cottage; Rajalan Kämppä, Laipanmaa offers a nice hiking experience.

Our plan was to start from the Rajalan Kämppä with 5-7km walk but we ended up to drive to the Pihtilampi parking, where we are going to stay a night.


We had a plan that my friend going to pick me up at 10.30 am, and first going to the food store. Lev going to be a cooking for all of us, we have already decided who buys meat, potatoes etc. Today’s dinner would be a pork stew. I bought the dessert, pancakes!

We arrived to the parking places 40 mins late, and all the others have already set their hammocks. This places seems to be quite rocky ground so everybody had to look for some time to find a good spot.

After we got our hammocks set up, talked about days plans. We went to pick some geocaches from nearby the Pihtilampi and from Korppivuori, we got total of 4 logged at the end of the day.

Me, Niko and Juha wanted to see some good views, so we walked to the Korppivuori. One geocache from Sadinlampi and after few min walks…i felt really sad.

Big area of the forest was gone.

Heavy forest logging has left it’s ugly marks to the nature. Lonely stairs in the small but steep hill looked strange to me.

Rest of the trail to the Korppivuori was quite beautiful and peaceful. But seems there will be more logging near the sightseening place too….

It was a beutiful view from the Korppivuori and we found one geocache from nearby. Food should be ready soon so we head back fast before other have eat all!

There was some chicken wings still left when we arrived back! So the main course would be ready soon. Pork stew a la Lev had 2 kg pork, 2 kg potatoes, 1 kg onion, 1 kg carrots and 4 apples.

Man that was some good eating! We all were stuffed!

Had some cider and beer, so we sit around the fire and had a good chat. Later i would be doing some pancakes.


I had 2 of our new hammock patches, which me and Eemeli designed for Finnish hikers. I lost one patch on our walk in the trail, but luckily, i found it! Friends joked that i should buy a lottery ticket. I actually did 2 hours earlier and today i got 10€ from it haha!

Patch came out really nice and we sold out all in a few days. Need to order new set soon.

Rest of the evening went around the fire. Good ideas for our next hike and so on. I made pancakes for all of us and Juha got some raspberry jam with him. I also made couple of bananas, cut a long hole in it, put some chocolate there and put it in the grill. Banana peel burns but it’s not burning through it. Inside the banana gets soft and chocolate melts in there. Eat it with a spoon…delicious….!

Everybody slept really well, no complains except when had to get up from the warm topquilt or sleeping bag. I got a bit cold back during the night, but i noticed that my underquilt wasnt’t there where it should be. So i just fixed it, warm and toasty feeling again. Dang, i need to get some money for the good down underquilt.

So, this was a short story of our nice overnighter at the Pihtilammi, Laipanmaa.

We will be seeing once a month from now on, next time will be after 4 weeks.

Thank you for reading! Happy hanging!

Marko aka Pixabilly





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