Night at the Kirskaanniemi


I spend a christmas alone this year, since my girlfriend spend her christmas at Vaasa, and my family had somw work and other stuff to do. This wasn’t my first time alone, so nothing new.

In the christmas day, i thought that maybe i could go somewhere to spend a night and asked couple of my friends to join. They were also alone this christmas.

So, we decided to go somewhere near and choose the popular Kirskaanniemi, which is south side of Tampere. Only 15 min drive.

Picked up Juha first and we drove to the parking place. Veltsu was coming a bit later. When we arrived to the parking place, it was raining a lot! Christmas weather indeed….

We waited a bit to rain calm down, then took our backpacks and wondered of we could get there without hurting ourselfs. Parking ground was just total wet ice and we had trouble to stay on our feets.

And so was part of the trail too. I slipped and fell on my left side, hurt my hip, because there was a small tree root under me…next morning it only looked a bit red, but after 2 days it turned to big bruise. Luckily nothing was broken, only dirty pants.

There was some people already, but most of them left soon. Only the lean-to was occupied later, some spend a night there. We got the double lean-to ourselfs.

So we set our hammocks fast, it was still raining a lot.Look like it might be sunny soon, but unfortunatly we got only the rain clouds above us for whole evening…and it started to turn to sleet!

This time i took my old Ticket To The Moon double hammock with me, but used the Warbonnet Super Fly tarp.

I bought myself some cheap led lights which i set to my ridgeline. Colored leds and copped bright ones. I was really waiting for the evening darkness!

We got also some visitors, they saw my writings on our finnish hammock group and wanted to test their new hammock (hammock tent). Took some time to figure out how to tie the suspension, since ropes were really thin and slippery….but looked cozy. They need to think how to set the tarp and most likely change the suspension. It really felt it could break easily.


Rest of the evening time we spend in the double lean-to. Coffee, food and good chat. Rain and sleet stopped around 6pm finally and sky started to brighten up finally. Could see some stars too!

Was a bit tired so around 7pm i said good night and went to my hammock. I just enjoyed laying in my warm sleeping bag, listening music and lights gave a nice atmosphere.

It started to get colder, most likely it will be around -3C in the night. Fell in sleep some point and woke up when small rain start around 5am.

We got up around 9am when it started to be a bit more brighter. Rain froze to our tarps and lake looked better with white coating. but everyone slept well and were warm whole night.


We didn’t eat breakfast, just packed up and left. Only 1 km to walk and drove gius back home. Got my breakfast when i got back home.
It was nice trip, even the rain and sleet kinda felt realy bad. Fire and good company makes you feel better.

Next month we will have a hammock meeting at the Evo, can finally test my new underquilt, the Cumulus Selva 600! Will get it soon. Test report will come feb or march.


Thanks for reading, happy hanging!


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