Winter meeting at the Evo

We were talking about hammock winter meeting for awhile, so i decided that it was about time to do it! On December, i decided a day and a place for first Finnish hammock winter meeting. That day would be 28. January at the Evo recreational forests Valkea Mustajärvi (White Blacklake).

It was a surprise how many got interested, since during the last week we had 20 people coming! I was waiting max 10 people. There was total of 18 people in the Evo on Saturday and we had great time.

I was really waiting for this meeting, since i have my new underquilt, the Cumulus Selva 600 which have comfort limit -14°C. Weather won’t be that low, it was around 0°C all the time. This was actually good, even i could’t test the Selva in low temps, because i got sick during the week. On friday i had to see the doctor again, since my throat swollen more and more. Quick test showed what i was afraid of, Angina.

I was really disappointed that i have to cancel my participation. But started to wonder, that i don’t have fever, actually i feel just fine! So i gargle some salt water every hour, got the antibiotics soon after the doctor appointment, so maybe this could be done after all.

Next morning, my throat looked much better, so meeting was a go go!

Ali and Jani was having a coffee

Our group started Saturday morning around 10 am. I picked up the Petsku first and drove to Lev’s place where we pack our stuff to his car since it was a 4 wheel drive. Plan was arrive to Evo around 12 which we did. We stopped once for a coffee and to buy food for the evening at the Tuulos mall.

After we turn off from the main road, it was good to have a 4WD car. They don’t clean the forest roads, even there is still lot’s of people visiting during the winter. We got our car where we wanted to, only 100 meters from the camp.

Some had already arrived, making coffee at the fire and took the best places already.Well, this area has a lot’s of good places for hammocks, i wasn’t worried haha!

Headless hanger, Lev & Hennessy in the background

So i choose my place from nearby, easy to find a good place. I had my Warbonnet XLC with me, took the bugnet off this time. This is quite narrow hammock after all, was a bit concern if i will fall out!

Many wanted to see the Selva 600, because we have only 2 options for the down underquilts and many of here looking for a good for their own use. Cumulus is a newcomer on underquilts and topquilts and this feels great product with good quality down and Pertex fabrics. The loft is amazing, i called this self-inflated underquilt because it feels like it is growing more and more! It packs quite small and doesn’t weight much at all, only 930g. 640 grams of hydrophopic down sure will keep me warm this night. This is the size L, so it is 230cm long.


It came with 10,5 meters of thick bungee cord, but no instructions how they have planned to use it. From their site i notice that they have tied to the tree or the anchor point. I cut 4 x 1 meter pieces and used small carabiner at the hammock ends. So basically it is a similar with Hammock Gear system.

Works well with the xlc (also with the bugnet) and regular hammocks. Could have the draft collar, so it could give more seal for possible air gaps.

This will be the first nigh with it, so waiting for the night!

More kept coming during the next 2 hours, last one arrived somewhere around 4 i think. So there was total of 18 people here!

Many different setups and some had new gear which they wanted to test. Eemeli got finally his Hammock Gear Incubator 20F underquilt, it looks great too. We adjust it, because he didn’t have a chance to test it, look for the possible air gaps, but the collar is a great invention. He got some bad luck with the shipment, it got stuck in Chicago (if i remember right) airports customs for few days. Luckily it arrived before meeting.

Petsku didn’t had any underquilt or pad, he used reindeer hides! And next morning he said they were warm. I forgot to take photos….darned.

Tuukka’s NX-250

Tuukka’s Clark NX-250 is a rare hammock to see here. I know only 2 person who have this here. It is well made hammock for sure, but for my taste i don’t like the hammocks which i have to use poles. Interesting to see how the underquilt was put on with velcro.

We told Niko to not tie too tight…even the tree is bending!
Tuukka’s selfmade knife. This looks and feels nice, awesome work. Maybe i order someday soon….
Some coffee….and our food, bacon wrapped tenderloin


There is nothing much to tell about evening. Good food, good company, jokes, laughs and stories. Good plans for future hikes and also lot’s discuss what to buy etc. These meetings are expensive, because always getting new ideas!

18 people makes a quite of a noise, wanted some peace so i went to my hammock and made some Chai tee. My throat felt okay, i covered it well and had lot’s of warm clothes on.

I got bright color leds…


I have to admit, that might get myself bright led strips in the future. Even these leds were colorful, i like how steady the light was inside. I got small speaker with me so kinda had my own party there haha!

Good morning! Moisture in the underquilt came from the super fly’s doors

I didn’t sleep well, mostly because i have sleep apnea and snoring might not do good for my angina… but i fell in sleep much much later, got couple of hours sleep. Air was quite moist during the night, temp was maybe -1 in lowest. +1°C in the morning.

But i was warm whole night. Some point had to took socks off, since my feet felt hot. I have the Savotta Military sleeping bag, closed well, only small 5cm hole for air.

Others packed up quite fast and some had breakfast already. Well, good thing because we had room for our breakfast then.

Heikki’s 44 liter Osprey and Petsku’s 125 liter Norrena + bag for the reindeer hides. Big difference!


Well, meeting was over and we all had fun. Next meeting will be somewhere in near future. Maybe a spring meeting or another winter meeting. Unfortunately, seems that we won’t have low temps here in south during this winter. Hopefully will be, wish to try the Selva better.

That’s all folks, we had fun and hope you enjoy the photos and story.

Keep on hanging!


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