Canoeing to Kelvenne

I’ve been eager to try my new canoe for some time. Also wanted to test it at the Päijänne National Park, which is my favorite places.

We discuss about it with Niko and decided to go there. Problems occured like flu, money and Niko wasn’t sure if he can come.

Friday evening all was set for the trip. Flu was almost gone. I packed all ready and lift the canoe to my cars roof.

Morning was foggy but not cold. We had warm weather luckily in this weekend. I took some breakfast from the store and 130km later arrived to Padasjoki. We were there almost same time, shared our location in Google Maps, so we saw where we were going.

So we met at the local market around 10 am. Bought food and drinks, agreed to do food to both of us instead of buying our own. Stakes, sausages, potatoes, bell pepper, onion etc.

We drove to Höysniemi, which was perfect place to canoeing. Only 2.5 km to Isohieta beach of Kelvenne island. It was a bit of surprice in the Höysniemi, there were quite a few cars parked, but room for us too. Last time where were nobody.

Packed the canoe and off we go. Canoe felt a bit unsteable first and runs deep. So this won’t be good in stronger winds.

Arrived to Isohieta, where was only few people with tents. They were there with the canoes too. They had a tent sauna too!

Decided to check other places which was 3 km away. Logged a geocache there, Niko created an account too and started his geocaching career from this cache.

This place was ok, but not good views. And since this place wasn’t allowed for camping, we paddled back to Isohieta.

Our usual place was free (we have been here couple of times) near the campfire.

Isohieta has a woodshed and toilet too. And summer this place is packed, this time of year we can be here all alone. Beach is really good,so no wonder this is so popular. In the summer, people can get here by ferry 3 times a week. But only in July. Not sure why they operate such a sort period.

Hammocks were set slowly, Niko didn’t check his gear before leaving, so i lend some gear. No affects for my hanging.

Our gear :

-Dutchware Chameleon (both)

-Hammock gear incubator 20f uq and 40 tq (me)

-Hammock gear 30f tq & uq (Niko)

-Warbonnet Superfly’s

-Dutchware bling bling (tarp worms etc)

-Black Diamond Moji Lantern

We were starving already, so after we set our hammocks, time to split the firewood. We made stakes, onions and bell peppers.

Took some gear photos… i had the Mora Eldris, which is a excellent small neckknive with fire starter.

Niko had the Casström Lars Fält knive.

It was 4 pm already, so we spend some time in our hammocks. I was waiting for the darkness, hoping to have a clear sky.

Small Moji lights are excellent lanterns.

One boat dropped some people to the other camp. They had their own grills etc so we got the whole campfire place for ourselfs. And it was quiet. Totally different compared to the growded beach of summer.

Sky looked awesome! But when i checked my camera, noticed that i forgot the memorycard home! Bummer….but i had my cellphone and GoPro with me. So those will do this time.

When the darkness fell, i was taking photos with my GoPro and OnePlus 5T phone. Here are few of them.

I accidentally bump to the tripod, which gave this funny shot!

Milky way, 30 sec exposure with OnePlus 5T and Snapseed editing. Not bad?

Didn’t sleep well because of my sleep apnea. Sun was rising behind us, so i got up and took some photos. I was warm whole night, i had 40F TQ but took my fleece blanket with me just in case. That was a perfect combo.

Beautiful pastel colors and some fog far away created a beautiful view. Wind was calm, which was good thing when thinking paddling back later in the evening.

We had quite big breakfast. Karelian pies, bacon, eggs boiled and fried, coffee etc. So we took short nap after that. I could stay here couple of days without doing nothing… just enjoying views, making some food and spending time in my hammock. Maybe next summer….

After the nap, it was time to pack. Packing i hate sometimes, but this time it was easier, since i didn’t use my backpack. Osprey transporter was perfect for this trip.

We took some photos, it was really beautiful! Autumn colors are awesome, this is my favorite time of the year.

Logged couple of geocqches on our way back.

Weather was perfect, night was around +10˚C. Cold days are here soon, so this was good time to go. Maybe paddling more soon.

Thanks Niko for great time!


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