First portable operation day


I had Yaesu FT-897D as my first rig, which was a loaner from my club. I didn’t like that so much, even it was a great and rugged rig with LDG tuner.
So i got myself a Xiegu G90 finally, it was few days used but still a good price. Funny thing was, that i got my base antenna Diamond GPM-1500 work with it and got many qso’s finally from home!

21 countries on my list now, mostly in southern europe.

Before Xiegu, i bought magnetic loop antenna from Paul, OM0ET . I like the idea of just antenna without any counterpoise and this is quite fast to build ready to go. Only downsize is that it takes a bit room from the backpack and because of it’s narrow bandwidth, it needs re-tuning if i adjust the frequency.

But it works well, thank you Paul!

Zippy 8400mAh/13.2V LiFePo4 battery and Turnigy C150 balanced charger from HobbyKing

Ok so what i need next? Well naturally the power unit! Took some time to find a good option, my friend told me about HobbyKing site and i found Zippy LiFePo4 battery.

Customer service was helpful and and found me a good set.

Since i will be canoeing someday, i wnted to buy a good case. This case is MAX004S and perfect for the G90. Also seems waterproof so one thing not to worry about.

Also the Zippy got a case too, Pelicase 1050 with IP68 rating. Fits perfectly!

I haven’t thought how to pack all these but they fit ok to the Savotta backpack. I might have to look camerapack etc so i could get these better organized inside.

I also took my homebrew 9:1 UnUn randomwire antenna with me.

Forecast told me that it will be +10 and sunshine, but on my way to Emäsalo Varlaxudden, it looked gray and windy with +6C.

On my way i talked to Porvoo repeater with my TYT UV88 handheld. OH2BIX was operating special call OH100SRAL, which is for 100 years amateur radio in Finland.

He wanted to have a HF qso with me and when i finally found a good place and got my antennas settled, we tried on 40m, 20m, 10m…. i heard him, but he didn’t heard me. Maybe loop is not working well nearby stations or the polarization was different.

Luckily i set my small tarp and got wind cover. Wind got stronger slowly and i got a bit cold too. I pegged tarp to the ground and that helped a lot.

I heard many stations around the europe and few north america stations. I tried to contact but there was so many stations calling sametime, so my 20W was run over easily.

I tested my randomwire, but it had swr over 5:1! So back to the zero, i have to build it again. I made it quite fast and seems i did a bad job with it. I have one 1:1 dipole, so possibly i take it with me tomorrow and test it. It’s old and need some fixing, wires plastic cover been dried and cracked,

The wind get too strong so i decided to quit for today. I send few photos to my instagram profile OH3CBT. Check it out 🙂

Thank you for reading, 73!


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