Field day number two

Much better weather!

So today i wanted to do better than yesterday. Only one qso so wanted to have few more…

Morning started with rain, but sky cleared at 11am.

I drove to same places as yesterday, got all packed better this time. I had also old dipole which came with previous Yaesu FT-897D rig. Wanted to test it if it works.

I had my hammock with me and rig was hanging from the ridgeline. So i could relax and have few qso’s laying there.

This works if antenna doesn’t need to be re-tuned. Unfortunately loop antenna needs it few times.

So after few band switches, i put my backpack to the hammock and uses it as an table.

Day went fast, but stations barely heard me. Propagation was really bad for qrp action.

CT1ERY tried to make a qso with me, i heard him but he didn’t hear me. Thank you for your time!

Local radio club operator OH2BIX was running special call OH100SRAL, so we tried have a qso. That worked only in 17m band, he barely heard me. Got report 12, he was 59. Well, better one than none.

Dipole was 1:1 swr on 40m, but other bands went 5:1. It needs new wires.

It wasn’t cold and weather was beautiful thou, so props for that.

Otherwise, i wasn’t happy for the result, but what can you do. Yesterday had better propagation, but weather was bad.

As the finns say many times, kolmas kerta toden sanoo (third time’s a charm or Third time lucky) i really hoping so!

73, de OH3CBT


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