Personkolo lean-to

I was looking for a place to hang from near my hometown. Wanted to spend a night in the woods, but also to be home early in the next morning. Found this lean-to from north side of Tampere, only 25 min drive from home. It was also quite new place, build by Vesipirkkojen Ry (association)….

Isojärvi National Park

Because winter haven’t really arrived yet, we decided to have a overnighter in early december at the Isojärvi (lit. Big Lake) National Park. This park locates about 100km (hour drive) north from my hometown Tampere. This park covers 23 sq km (8.88 sq mi) but when it was established in 1982, it had 19 sq km…

Canoeing at Joutsijärvi

I’ve been thinking about canoeing for long time. Because i was going to write about this Joutsijärvi area, only parts i haven’t been here are the small isles. Last and only time i have used a kayak, was 2012 in Miyajima, Japan! It was last week of July and so we were heading to the Joutsijärvi. I…

Helvetinjärvi National Park

I am writing to this finnish outdoor site called (Outdoor Place, finnish only, but i am sure that translator helps if interested)) and after i publish a story about hammocks, it really hit the spot. Didn’t find any finnish hammock group, so couple of weeks ago, i created a finnish hammock group to the Facebook….

Birgitta’s Trail, Finland

Birgitan Polku, or in english, Birgitta’s Trail is a 55km trail southside of Tampere, Finland. It has many lean-to’s, fireplaces and some closed shelters. Couple of wilderness shelters, which you can rent. Trail is named after a 500 years old church in Lempäälä. Trail is a circular shape and part of the trail goes thru…

One day at Joutsijärvi, Kullaa, Finland

During this winter and spring, i was planning many many hikes. On february, i got my backpack ready and drove to Pukala (near Orivesi), where i have been few times already. Unfortunatly, road was a but too icy and bad condition. I lost part of my exhaust pipes from my car. So i drove back….